Healthy Banana

Banana is delicious and sweet to eat. It has high proportion of carbohydrate which can be converted into energy in our body. Therefore, it is called “emergency storage for energy”. Its nutrient benefits our heart, muscle, nerve, kidney and skeleton. The symptoms of potassium deficiency include body tiredness, mind fogginess, nervous shaking, excessive perspiration of our limbs can be improved by eating banana as it contains approximately 400 mg of potassium (the value may vary according to the size of banana). Banana is also good fiber dietary sources which helps restore normal bowel action.

The research conducted by MIND concluded that people who suffer depression feeling better after eating a banana. The tryptophan (a type of protein) found in the banana will be converted into serotonin in our body. The serotonin make people feel relax, calm, peace and happier. So…don’t forget to eat banana everyday, and you will feel the good reactions of it!!!

_Angelina. Salim_

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everybody needs it. its made of glasses that can show the reflection of anything. this thing is very useful for our appearances. because without this thing we can not look our self reflection and we’ll look mess all the time. this thing always in toilet, bed room, shopping center and some other places. its shape square and sometimes oval. it very useful if we will go outside and want to tidy up our appearance. women always bring this thing everywhere and they used it everyday. women most often use it.

~ Angelika ~

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In this modern era, motorcycles are very needed. Most people know them and love them. Either old people or young people love them. Sometime I wish I can buy a motorcycle which is the color are red and black, have a good shape, easy to bring it, not too heavy, it have soft voice, convertible  and fast to drive it. However buying it is very expensive. Then I must save the money from now. Even though, it is too long to have much money. But I don’t worry because I can save my money in the bank. Bank is secure place to save money, good serves, and spared from spend money. As I can save much money as too quick to buy a motorcycle. So I can go to campus faster then using public transportation. Because I should drive motorcycle.

Mulyanah_1200988535_03 pcg

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Macbook Classic.

Macbook Classic is produced by Apple company, as Apple’s Laptop Macbook has two colors which are white and black. Both of them are unique and cool because of its design. Talking about design, Macbook classic design is really simple and great through its size and shape that different than other laptop.
Macbook classic is 13″ inches with website camera and with Apple’s logo in above of screen. If you turn it on, its logo is going to be lighting on. For Macbook’s color if u choose the white one, your Macbook will be totally white.
Macbook is also supported with a great sound effect as well as other Apple products such as iPod. In other hand Macbook is different from other laptops because Macbook uses its own “OS” which is called “MACINTOSH” and it is commonly used by designer because of its additional features that support designing stuff.


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Watch my watch


For the first time I’m not get used with this thing. As time goes by, suddenly I really need this item. Why? Well, this thing helps me manage my time in life. Like example while I went to senior high school, I never came late. I can arrange the schedule what time to make an appointment with someone, or the right time to do some activities in my daily.
This thing is very simple, not too big and not too heavy. The shape is fashionable, and I can wear it everyday. This thing is made of mix rubber n stainless steel. It consists of the index to show the hours, minutes, and seconds. If you want to collect this thing, you can find a lot of models show in many boutiques, even though in Jakarta or International. Maybe you can collect it more than one piece.
I would like to say thanks to the person who created these things. This invention really helpful for me. Thank you.

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Hinamatsuri Event Doll


Hinamatsuri is one united set of dolls that contains of emperor doll, queen, attendants, and palace musicians which tell about traditional wedding in Japan. Every doll wear kimono. Dolls put at gradual platform which based with thick red blanket. At the left and right side, there is a couple of lampion miniature. Other equipment is sakura and tachibana trees miniature and pieces of peach flower.
At first stair, there are two dolls. They are emperor doll and queen doll. Emperor and queen have highest status in kingdom.
At second stair, there are three attendants’ dolls which bring wine-drink equipment. One of the attendant’s eyebrows shaved until bald.
At third stair, there are five men palace musician dolls. Four of them bring music instruments, and the other one is a singer that brings fold-fan.
At fourth stair, there are two minister dolls; they are right-minister and left-minister. Right-minister is still young, but left-minister is too old with long white beard.
At fifth stair, there are three servant dolls. They bring scratcher made from bamboo and broom.
In conclusion, total amount all of them is 15 dolls who have each position in kingdom. Doll which has highest status put at the highest stair; and doll which has lowest status put at the lowest stair. So the position is based from their status.

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My Cute Bedroom

My bedroom is small and cute like girl’s bedroom. My bedroom’s wall is pink. There are many interesting things which make me comfortable in my bedroom like my doll’s collection. My doll’s collection are pink pig, cute dog, little panda , cute bear ,heart’s pillow and yellow rhinoceros. Among my doll’s collection, I am very like cute bear which accompany me in my sweet night. In my bedroom, There are a grey television, a black computer with CPU, a brown desk, a white air conditioning, a cute brown wardrobe, a blue clock, a pink bed and a small bathroom. I decorate my bathroom with cute fish sticker in the wall. When I take a bath, I feel so relax and fresh. And then I put my lovely family picture, my best friend picture, and my picture. I also put glow in the dark stickers in my wall so My bedroom become beautiful when I turn off the lamp in night. On the other side, I have many clothes collection in my brown wardrobe like t-shirt, shirt, dress, trousers, blouse, skirt. I manage everything in my bedroom very well so I hope everyone who visit to my bedroom feel comfortable.
Created by Fanny Febriany

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Family Time

I enjoyed my holiday even though spent only two weeks. I traveled some areas, like example Tangerang, Bekasi, Cengkareng and several places in Jakarta. I never got a chance or time went there. It is difficult to arrange, but when the holidays finally came… Wow, very excited. The road access on that area is not too difficult. The road I have taken is not too far and the traffic supported us to feel comfort to get a long the long road.
I spent this holiday visited my family and friends. When I arrived, I got warm welcome. My nephew is so cute, boys and girls were very happy when they saw me. We talk; we play, we having time together, also we have a good time when we were had lunch or dinner together. I came to my family’s residence spent one week.
The next day I spent to visit Ancol, beautiful beaches with the white sand, coconut tree with my friends. Enjoy the weather in the beaches. The wind, the clouds, the wave, the people and so many landscapes we seen.
Time to be together is a very precious moment for me. One thing I never forgot “Time is always going forward, it won’t turn back” So, while I got a chance to be together, I just want to use it very well.

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My Holiday on Idul Fitri

Bakauni picture

On the Saturday my family and I were been ready for going to our village at Serang in west java. After we arriving in our village, we helped host to cooked especially for extracting of duck. Because it is special food in our village. More ever if we cook it as sate. Hmm…. Yummy. It is so nice. At night I visited my friends . Because I am missing them for a long time we didn’t see each other. Then we conversation till 22.00 pm. In the morning we were praying Idul Adha together . we were very happy because we have finishing for fasting a month. After praying we visited our neighbor from one home to other home.
On Monday morning my family and I going to Lampung. In there we ate coconut too much till we satisfied. It is without pay ( free ). Every we going to Lampung we always eating it. On Thursday we come back to Jakarta. on the ship my young sisters and my young brother take picture. Because we take picture in afternoon therefore the sun looks very beautiful . sea the picture it is wonderful.


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Ohh..Blimey, We missed it again!!!


It’s a story about my holiday. It was Idul Fitri’s holiday, actually there was nothing different with my last Idul Fitri’s holiday. We went to Madiun, East Java by using our own car. “Wake up my dear”, said my mom. Well she is my beloved mother then as usual my sister was the first person who ate sahur food that was served by our mom. We had special fried rice for sahur, it was a bit hot and absolutely delicious.

Adzan subuh was coming and it meant that it was the time to leave Jakarta, but I think it is a great time to enjoy Jakarta when Jakarta’s people are going to their hometown.

Next day, we had passed great cities such as Pekalongan, Semarang, Solo, and others. When we were close by Sragen, I just reminded my mom to buy some fried chicken in “Ayam Kampung Pak Saleh” restaurant, It’s Javanese restaurant which is located after traffic light and in front of Srageb Hospital, we really like it because they have cheap prices for delicious food. I and my mom really wanted to taste that food, We had planned it a long time ago before going to our hometown.

We were really close by that restaurant but we forgot where the place is, and when our car was on the high speed, I saw a big billboard written “ Ayam Kampung Pak Saleh” then suddenly my mom shouted, “OH NOO !!! WE HAVE MISSED IT FOR THREE TIMES”. I was laughing at the time when looking my mom face, I was serious she must be sad. Finally I’ve got order from my mom to remind that place and she said that we have to visit that restaurant as soon as we went back to Jakarta.


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